Plug&Play Breeze energy storage can be adapted to any type of installation. It doesn’t
matter if you already have a photovoltaic installation or you are just planning to
get one – our prefabricated system fit to any installation, regardless of the inverter used.





Plug&Play energy storage

What possibilities do Breeze energy storage offer?

Breeze prefabricated energy storage systems allow you to collect surplus production from PV installation and use it during the sunless period, as well as during interruptions in the supply of energy from the power grid. The system switches into emergency power mode almost immediately, imperceptibly for most home appliances. There is no need to use additional automatic transfer switching systems (ATS). It is also possible to reconfigure the system to winter mode so that in hours when energy is more expensive, the system can be switched to island operation.

akumulatory do fotowoltaiki od Breeze Energies

How does a regular on-grid installation work?

Under normal conditions, during a breakdown or during a power outage, the on-grid photovoltaic installation does not work and thus we do not produce energy. The system based on Dutch Victron inverters ensures the operation of on-grid inverter also during power outages from the power grid. During any failure, we can enjoy a fully functional home installation and continue to produce energy for our own needs.

Is installation of Breeze energy storage difficult and time-consuming?

Presented Breeze energy storage systems are Plug&Play. This means that minimum effort from the fitter is required for the installation. Just connect the system between the main meter and the house together with the grid inverter. Step-by-step assembly instructions are also included. All settings are made before the system is delivered in accordance with the agreements with the customer, thanks to which there is no need to reconfigure the system after installation.

Magazyny energii fotowoltaicznej

What are the possibilities of system development?

Breeze batteries used in the system are scalable, what means that in order to increase the total capacity or power of the energy storage, additional units can be added. Thus, it possible to increase the capacity of the energy storage along with the increasement in the energy demand of household receivers. The benefit of parallel system connection is the fact that by adding more units after even a few years, they will operate using their nominal capacity. In a series system, however, adding another unit would mean its work equal to the worst unit in the series. Thanks to this, Breeze system can be developed, and the investment costs can be freely spread over time.

Extra power for your electrical loads

PowerControl and PowerAssist functions – thanks to usage of an additional current sensor, you can set the maximum current of grid or generator. Thanks to this, it is possible to both protect the grid/generator against overload and, through energy stored in the batteries, compensate temporary peak power demands. This will allow starting devices with power demand exceeding nominal value of the power connection from utility grid without increasing its value.

What installations are Breeze prefabricated systems dedicated to?

The sets allow you to connect an installation with an on-grid inverter (of any manufacturer) with  output power not exceeding 180 kW (peak on-grid inverter power), or an installation with a larger inverter if the power of the installation itself does not exceed 180 kWp.

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