Breeze Hybrid system is a worldwide unique combination of
lead-acid battery together with a lithium-ion battery.
Thanks to this configuration, it is possible to combine the
advantages of both technologies so as to give the greatest benefit to the user.





ION Breeze Hybrid batteries

Perfect alternative for users of lead-acid batteries, allowing for usage of already purchased batteries, and at relatively
low cost to significantly improve operating parameters of the system.

Guaranteed uninterrupted power supply

When living off-grid, we would like to make sure that our system will be able to supply power without interruption. However, there are times when there are longer shortages of solar energy. Thanks to the appropriate sizing of the installation, the durable Breeze lithium-ion battery provides us with energy every day. In case of longer periods of sunlessness (2-3-4 days), we have an emergency power supply in the form of lead-acid batteries (GEL, AGM).

Modularity of the solution

The system based on low voltage Breeze batteries can be successfully extended even after several years. Thanks to this, as the energy demand grows, it is still possible to develop the system without having to get rid of the currently installed components. This gives a lot of freedom in designing and does not require large investments from the very beginning.

Large capacity at a relatively low price

System sizing for a few days of power supply in a sunless period significantly increases the investment cost. Lithium-ion batteries are designed to perform a large number of cycles. When they are not used most of the time, aging still continues and their full potential is not used. The combination of both technologies makes the system much cheaper and offers almost the same possibilities in return. Lead-acid batteries are also much more recyclable, which makes the system more environmentally friendly.

Longer battery life

Daily cycling of Breeze Li-Ion battery does not burden lead-acid batteries. As a result, in an appropriately sized system, lead-acid batteries are able to last up to 10 years, which would be impossible in the case of operation without the lithium-ion component. In addition, the advanced algorithm of Breeze DC/DC converter controls the currents of the lead acid battery so that it always has optimal working conditions and thus maximizes its lifespan.

Work in sub-zero temperatures

Traditional lithium-ion batteries, compared to lead-acid batteries, cannot work in negative temperatures. Breeze hybrid solution allows you to charge a lead-acid battery, using any surplus energy to heat the Breeze lithium-ion battery to provide it with working conditions.

High charging and discharging currents

Breeze Lithium Ion battery can be charged and discharged with much higher currents without sacrificing capacity, which is not the case with lead acid batteries. Smooth current control via the Breeze DC/DC converter between the two batteries also protects lead-acid batteries against excessive loads.

Greater efficiency of the PV system

Thanks to high currents in the Breeze lithium-ion battery, we can fully use the energy supplied and gradually transfer it to the lead-acid battery according to its optimal charging characteristics. This eliminates the limitations related to the gradual reduction of the charging current in the acid battery.

Easy to install

The installation of Breeze hybrid system is practically the same as installation with a traditional battery. The only difference is that the Breeze lithium-ion battery is connected on the load side and the lead-acid battery is connected to a dedicated connector in the Breeze battery.


Breeze Energies products offers low-voltage batteries with volatage of 12, 24 and 48 V with capacity of 0.75, 1.5 and 2.5 kWh. Our batteries are available for direct sale and at our Allegro auctions.