Off-grid systems

Breeze off-grid systems constitute an independent source of electricity.
They are mainly used in places where there is no access to electricity or
where the access is limited. Nevertheless, more and more people decide to
use these systems also as an alternative, which allows to reduce energy costs,
as well as provide protection in the event of power grid failure.





Off-grid systems

What distinguishes off-grid installation from
on-grid installation?

The main difference between them is the dependence on the energy distributing company. While on-grid installations cannot work without being integrated into the mains electricity, off-grid systems can work completely autonomously. This opens the way to numerous applications, including garden plots, boats, summer houses, motorhomes, etc. Connection to an external power supply is an option in this case, not an obligation.
There are also hybrid installations with energy storage that combine both above mentioned. They can work with the power grid as well as completely autonomously.

banki energii - czyli systemy magazynowania energii z Fotowoltaiki od Breeze Energies

How does off-grid installation work?

Batteries are the heart of every off-grid installation. They store the energy which is generated by the installed photovoltaic panels or wind turbines. In the case of off-grid systems, it is necessary to use special inverters with charge regulators that have battery outputs. The energy from the panels is processed by the solar charge controller and then directed to the battery. The inverter, whose task is to convert direct current into alternating current, draws energy from the battery and supplies power to the loads. This means nothing less than full system independence and the possibility of using it wherever the power grid is not available or is unreliable. In Europe, as it is difficult to predict the weather condition, supplementary devices such as small wind turbines or power generators are often included in such systems.

akumulatory do fotowoltaiki od Breeze Energies

Off-grid systems advantages

Uninterruptible power supply:

Off-grid systems do not depend on external systems. For the user, it means that when the mains electricity fails, we can enjoy our own fully functional installation.

No electricity charges:

Thanks to cutting off from the mains electricity, there is no need to pay constant contributions to the distribution company. This reduces the charges related to the use of electricity to zero.

Easy to install:

You do not need qualified fitters to set up an off-grid installation. The system can be successfully assembled by yourself using basic tools. This reduces the total investment cost quite significantly.

Access to electricity wherever there is no access to mains electricity or it is highly unreliable:

Wherever there are problems with electricity or there is no electricity at all, off-grid systems ensure constant access to electricity.

Wherever there are problems with electricity or there is no electricity at all,
off-grid systems ensure constant access to electricity.

Much of the electricity in the mains electricity comes from non-renewable energy sources. By using photovoltaic or wind plant, 
we reduce the carbon footprint that would arise while using conventional energy sources.

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